W  A  R  MR  A  T  I  O

We welcome you to the world of Erik Nervous (Erik Hart), a loner kid in  his basement who vents his anger, through a 4-track. His obsession with the '77-'81 DIY punk/post punk era is unmistakable

as it is hard to believe this stuff wasn't recorded 30 years ago in the U.K.

Drew of Winslow (our very first release)

has a new project "HOOPS" and we are

ecstatic to be able to offer it to you!

We are honored to offer you this reclining yet liberating collection of songs by our good friend Nat.


Our Tel aviv native friends deliver a devistantingly somber masterstroke.  How can something so gray bring so much joy?


David Adamson (Indianapolis's best kept secret) invites us to take a perilous venture into the unknown or as he likes to call MAMMOTH CAVE.

SAPPHIC is an amalgamation of post-punk that spans generation and location.  Grand Rapids, Michigan is not known for its gothic undertones nor a link to british geography but here we stand amidst the successors to the angst-riddled tease of early 2000 new wavers


Tuffblades are warm ratio's very own David Adamson and Chris Madsen.  A sample-heavy footwork hybrid with its characteristic raw, relentless drum machine workouts, punctuated with massive sub bass, all at irregular time intervals.



Winslow manages to channel its heroes without settling for cheap imitation.  You'll find hints of Pavement, traces of Real Estate, a touch of Weezer.  Winslow chews and digests these influences before reconfiguring them through their own distinct perspective.  The themes and emotions running through this album are as old as adolescenece itself, but the end result is fresh and invigorating. 

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